I've been responding to quite a few emails and facebook messages in the past few days concerning fears about the coronavirus. With recent events, it makes sense that people are concerned :)


I know that these services have been a lifeline for many of you over the last 5 years. So it's important that you're informed of what's happening.


I'll keep you updated with new information as I receive it, but here's what you should know right now:


Art therapy sessions: For those of you who booked individual sessions during the month of March, I'll contact you to confirm that these sessions are still going ahead. Online sessions are a preferred way of connecting during the next two weeks; however, if you would prefer to meet in person, we will have to follow the protocols set out by Health Canada (https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/infectious-diseases/nosocomial-occupational-infections/routine-practices-additional-precautions-preventing-transmission-infection-healthcare-settings.html). If you'd like to book an online session, please contact me for details.


Art as therapy (Community Art, Creative Circle): Cancelled until further notice


Volunteering: We will continue with plans for the national CATA conference on an online basis until further notice


I know that this may be an especially difficult time for many of you. As a health care professional who deals in trauma and stress every day, let me reassure you that the way you're feeling right now is a completely normal response to incredibly stressful circumstances. Our brains are wired for connection, yet we're being told to self isolate for our own well being. At times like these, I invite you all to keep our connection going through virtual means, email, texts or phone calls :)


Form a daily practice of self care, wash your hands regularly, and keep being the brave, wonderful individual that you are! 


Cheers, Sandra


© 2020 by Sandra Hewitt-Parsons

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