How can my artwork tell me things about myself that I don't already know?

Image making seems to be an important part of human development. Toddlers and children use it to help process thoughts, memories and feelings. We're not so different at any age- we all need help in "externalizing the internal" sometimes, making sense of inner thoughts, emotions and experiences. An art therapist can guide you in interpreting your images without exerting influence. This can eventually lead you to generate new ideas and make connections which may not have been possible in any other way.

Why are some art materials recommended for me, and others not recommended?

In a one to one clinical session, the art therapist develops your treatment plan based on your unique needs, goals, limitations and mental health challenges.Similar to other programs designed to make you feel better (like exercise or diet), the art therapist is familiar with the supplies that would best promote stress reduction, personal insight and other mental health benefits in your particular case. Depending on factors such as the current situation,emotional readiness, age, past behaviour patterns and art experience, the art therapist will decide on specific art materials for your particular needs. These materials may be a little bit intimidating at first but they will also help keep you focused and feeling in control during the sessions.

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