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Frequently Asked Questions

What is expressive arts therapy?

Art therapy combines psychology with the creative process in a "hands-on" approach to therapy. Thoughts, feelings and experiences can be expressed through colour, line and shape which might otherwise be too difficult to talk about. Sometimes other creative modalities are used (i.e. music, movement, creative writing...). This collaborative approach is known as expressive art therapy.

Is art therapy covered by insurance? How can I pay for services?

Please see our funding page to find the option that best suits you.

What can I expect in these sessions?

Please see our "What to expect in a session" for detailed information on session options.

But I'm not creative! How can expressive arts therapy help me?

No pressure - this type of therapy doesn't require you to produce a masterpiece or best seller in your session :) No artistic experience is required for you to take part. As professional therapists, we have expertise in both the expressive arts and psychology. This means that we'll guide you through the creative process in a therapeutic way.  We'll help you process difficult issues in a manner that's gentle, body-focused and trauma-informed.
If verbal counselling does not seem to meet your needs, expressive arts therapy may be more suitable for your particular situation.

Still think you can't draw? Watch this video:

Is there a difference between art therapy offered by an art therapist and art therapy offered by someone else? Why can't I just stay home with my colouring book?

We all know that artmaking can be therapeutic, but not all artmaking is considered therapy :) You may do artwork by yourself as a form of self-care. Artists, crafters, and art educators may teach specific techniques where critiques and comparisons are used to improve skill. Social workers, counselors and other health care workers sometimes think of art therapy as a description rather than a profession; often using art as a prelude to talk therapy. Professional creative arts and expressive arts therapists are formally educated on the master's level to provide sensorimotor-based interventions to address trauma-related issues.

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