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Sandra Hewitt-Parsons

DKATI, ND, EXAT candidate

Sandra Hewitt-Parsons is an art psychotherapist, published author, host of Roger's tv "Back To Your Senses" series and founder of Safe Harbour Expressive Therapies. As one of the first art psychotherapists in her region, Sandra is passionate about supporting mental health in her province.


A survivor of a major childhood stroke, Sandra truly believes in the healing power of artmaking. Drawing on a person-centered, culturally sensitive and trauma informed framework, she invites clients to participate in a variety of expressive multimodal techniques designed to promote their own potential. Sandra specializes in supporting people who are struggling with issues such as post-traumatic stress, anxiety, dissociation as well as grief and loss.

Recently certified in Guided Drawing as well as Music Integration and now working towards her EXAT certification under Dr. Cathy Malchiodi, Sandra continues to expand her knowledge of sensorimotor modalities.