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May 2022 Update

The snow is almost gone outside. Signs of spring are making me cautiously optimistic, reminding me that our short-lived and hard-won summer is just around the corner. Yet thoughts of sunshine and warmth are swept to the side as I watch the news…I feel overwhelmed as I watch the devastation in Europe unfold. Living in Newfoundland, it’s incredibly difficult to process.

I recently volunteered with free art therapy services for Ukranian refugees with the organizations TherapyRoute and Headroom. I’m now in contact with the Ukranian Family Help desk in this province. I plan to continue my support of those who need it, whether near or far 😊

If you would like to offer support to the displaced people of Ukraine, please contact the Ukrainian Family Help desk at

Updated website!

I thought the old website needed a complete overhaul since the original had been in use since I started back in 2014 (wow!). I hope you find this new site a bit easier to navigate. I’ve also added another service, which has been dormant since the pandemic. Two client service is back for a limited time in person but online permanently. This will be a welcome addition to our service line up - those of you who were with me since the beginning may remember that I started off as a family support worker 😊These sessions will be about relationship building and communication improvements in an expressive arts format.

A booking button is also on the website. If you’re interested in learning how to book online, I made a Youtube video to walk you through the process, step by step.

I think the takeaway lesson from this update is to enjoy what we have while we have it 😊 This sentiment includes weather, relationships, connections with cherished people, peaceful places or interesting things. Be present for life’s precious, and all too often, fleeting moments. These memories will sustain you in difficult times.

Take care, stay well, enjoy the sunshine - Sandra

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