Newsletter - February / March 2021

February – March schedule

It’s amazing how time flies; with January gone, we’re already getting well into February 😊 During February and March, in person office hours will continue to be on Mondays and Thursdays by appointment only. There are a limited number of in person sessions for the next two weeks. You can still book between 9 am and 12 pm on February 11th and February 15th. You can also book between 2 pm and 4 pm on February 18th. Zoom sessions offer a bit more flexibility, so if you would like to book an online appointment, please contact me.

My Corner Brook office will be closed from February 21st to the 26th. I feel so blessed to be traveling to Labrador again in that week to work with community professionals, offering this brain-based/body-focused intervention to those affected by childhood trauma and domestic violence.

Deadlines for contracts under Jordan’s Principle.

The fiscal year end for Jordan’s Principle is March 31st. If your child(ren) need art therapy services and you have been approved for Jordan’s Principle session funding within the past year, please contact me for an appointment before March 31st. If you cannot book before that date, we may be able to extend the funding beyond April 1st. If you were approved for funding and you feel that your child(ren) no longer need this service, please let me know and I will pass this information along. If I don’t hear from you until after April 1st, you will have to submit a new request for the new fiscal year. Please get in contact with me for a formal request form.

Policy updates

The past year has been an unprecedented time for all of us. New methods of providing therapy to meet your needs have required flexibility and creativity. During this time, your privacy remains my number one priority. Because of this, there have been some changes in Safe Harbour’s policies on privacy, communication, online practices, and payment options.

Detailed information about these policies can be found here:

More ways to serve you

Client or colleague, I have had the pleasure of working with most of you over the past 6 years. There may be those of you who still think my approach to therapy is a bit odd. And that’s ok. I totally agree 😊 Art therapy is not a typical cognitive based, western oriented, traditional form of intervention. Art therapy is trauma-informed, sensorimotor-based and brain-wise oriented from the “bottom up”. It’s so much more than simply “making art”. It’s because of my unique training and education that I am finding a niche here which allows me to better serve the local community as well as the province at large. During the pandemic, I have found myself in the position to be able to connect with leaders in the brain-wise, trauma-informed and sensorimotor based field. I have had the opportunity to learn from professionals in this field such as Cathy Malchiodi, Gabor Mate, Ulf Sandstrom and Gunilla Hamne. My continuing education is providing new ways to support clients who can’t find the words for feelings, thoughts or experiences. Though there is still an incredible amount of work to in advocating to individuals and organizations, I feel really blessed to work as a professional art therapist in this beautiful province of ours. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to do my part to support better mental health in this region!

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