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July 2022 Newsletter

There’s a saying that goes something like “Change is scary, but so is staying the same…”. I’m thinking of that little bit of wisdom this afternoon as I write this letter. I’m realizing that the only constant for me through the years has been change 😊. During my career in mental health, I initially worked with individuals in family support before starting my private art therapy practice. Realizing the importance of culture and community to our health and well-being, I started to expand my education to incorporate other art forms in a harmonized expressive arts therapy format. I continue to seek out, talk to and study under experts in creative arts therapies, expressive arts therapy, neurobiology, and trauma-informed mental health to better serve the people of this province.

And the changes keep coming.

I’m thrilled to announce that last month, I accepted a PhD fellowship for MUN’s education (counseling therapy focus) program. Though this won’t mean the end of my private practice altogether, it does mean that there will be big changes coming in the fall and for the years ahead.

The last day that I will be seeing clients in my Corner Brook office (9 Main Street) is Thursday, August 26th. Beginning in October, I will be holding monthly in person clinic days in Deer Lake and Corner Brook. Dates and a Corner Brook location for these clinic days to be announced in a later email. These plans may change as the situation with COVID continues to develop.

No changes are planned for virtual sessions for the time being. I may have to reschedule session days and times in the fall due to this continuing education.

If you are currently an office client but want to switch to virtual sessions, please let me know.

If I haven’t worked with you in an office session in a while but you are still an “active” client (meaning the date of your last session was within the year), I plan to connect with you in the next few weeks to see how you’re doing 😊

If you’re not sure when your last session was but you’d like to connect with me again, please don’t hesitate to text, email or message me on the website! I’d love to hear from you!

More info coming soon – in the meantime, have an awesome July!


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